CONA® B Bimetallic Steam Trap

  • For discharging of slight to highly sub-cooled condensate
  • Automatic air-venting during start up and operation of the plant
  • Robust and resistant to water-hammer
  • Integrated non return protection
  • Design with internal strainer – Fig. 600
  • Design with outside strainer (Y) – Fig. 601 (Y)
  • Optimized design for quick installation (PN40, PN63 with R46, DN15-25)
  • Gasket-free sealing of the screwed cap (PN40 and PN63 with Cap, DN15-25)
  • Installation in any position (except cover/screwed cap downwards)
  • Subcooling of condensate is continuously adjustable (observe the operation instructions)
  • The controller maybe changed without disturbing the pipe work

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